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Remote Notarization: The Rise of Virtual Notarization and How it Works

Remote notarization (RON) is the process of notarizing a document without being physically present with the notary public. This can be done through video conferencing and electronic signatures. Many businesses and individuals are turning to online solutions to get their documents notarized.

The Rise of Remote Notarization

Remote notarization has been legal in some U.S. states since 2012, but it wasn't until recently that it gained widespread acceptance. In 2020, many states issued emergency orders to allow remote notarization due to the pandemic. As of April 2023, over 40 states have permanent remote notarization laws in place.

Remote notarization offers many benefits, including convenience, speed, and accessibility. With remote notarization, clients can get their documents notarized from anywhere in the world, without having to travel to a physical location. This is especially beneficial for clients who are in remote areas or have mobility issues.

Signers will need the right technology & equipment

Signers will need to have the right technology and equipment to conduct remote notarization. This includes a reliable internet connection, a webcam, and a microphone.

How Remote Notarization Works

Remote notarization works by using video conferencing technology to connect the notary public with the signer. There are five simple steps that the signer and Notary will take from the comfort of their home or office.

Step 1 - The Notary will schedule a video conferencing call with the signer and send a link to the platform. (I am currently using Blue Notary). The signer will send the required documents to the Notary to upload on the platform. Step 2 – At the appointed date & time, the notary and signer will get on the platform via the link and will be able to see and hear each other in real-time. The notary will verify the signer's identity. Step 3 – The signer will electronically sign the document in front of the Notary on camera. Step 4 – The Notary will electronically sign and add their digital Notary seal to the documents. Step 5 – Upon completion, the signer will receive the notarized documents through a link immediately.

In conclusion, remote notarization is the future of notarization. You can have your documents notarized anytime from anywhere in the world. Instead of traveling miles or having a Notary come to your home or office, you can connect with an online notary instantly.

Contact EVS Notary at 314/804-0021 to book an online notary appointment to notarize your documents legally and securely 100% online.


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