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Empowering Your Business with My Expert HR Consulting Services

Updated: Mar 7

Welcome to my world at Emerald Verification Services, LLC, where I've built a reputation for trusted and efficient notary services with EVS Notary. Yet, what I do extends far beyond notarial tasks. My name is Rosalyn Smith, and I'm excited to unveil the broader spectrum of expertise I offer through EVS HR Consulting.

My Journey: Bridging Notarization with HR Consulting

With more than two decades of experience in Human Resources, integrating HR consulting alongside notary services was not just a business decision; it was a personal commitment to providing comprehensive support. Armed with a degree in Business Administration and a master's degree in Human Resources Management, complemented by my PHR/SHRM-CP certification, I've strived to be a holistic resource for both businesses and individuals navigating their career paths. The launch of Emerald Verification Services, LLC, in 2021 marked a pivotal moment, combining my passion for meticulous notary work with strategic HR consultancy to serve a diverse clientele more effectively.

Comprehensive Solutions for Businesses and Individuals

At Emerald Verification Services, LLC, I understand that today's businesses and career professionals face challenges requiring robust and multifaceted support. Whether you're seeking assistance through EVS Notary or exploring HR solutions with EVS HR Consulting, here's how I can support your growth and operational efficiency:

  • Mock Interviewing: Sharpen interview skills with realistic simulations, ideal for both individuals and businesses.

  • Recruitment: Tailor strategic hiring approaches to connect businesses with top talent.

  • Employee Handbook Creation/Refresh: Ensure policies are up-to-date and compliant, reflecting your organization's culture and needs.

  • Career Strategy: Provide guidance for individuals seeking career growth and fulfillment.

  • Exit Interview Strategy: Extract actionable insights to improve both business retention and facilitate individual career transitions.

  • I-9 Audits /Authorized Representative: Streamline compliance for businesses and assist remote new hires in completing their I-9 Forms.

  • Training and Development: Develop programs that align directly with your business objectives.

  • Performance Review Systems: Design custom performance review systems with targeted training sessions for effective implementation and feedback.

  • Job Description Creation/Refresh: Articulate clear, compelling roles to attract and retain talent, assisting individuals in understanding and negotiating job opportunities.

  • And much more.

Navigating Together Toward Success

I am dedicated to enhancing your company's success and supporting individual career aspirations. With EVS Notary and EVS HR Consulting, I offer guidance for both businesses and professionals, navigating the ever-changing landscapes of work and career development.

For a deeper dive into how I can help transform your business or career, don’t hesitate to reach out. Schedule your complimentary consultation today by visiting or calling me directly at 314/804-0021.

Join me on a path to unmatched support and achievement. Your growth and success aren’t just your goals – they’re my mission.

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Mar 12
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Rosalyn Smith is a hard worker and very professional she love helping peoples

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