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What services do mobile Notaries offer?

Updated: Feb 5

As a mobile Notary, I offer a variety of services to individuals and businesses, i.e., Attorneys, Real Estate agents, Escrow & Title offices, etc.

The convenience of being mobile means that I can travel to any location in the state of Missouri to notarize documents. My typical service area is St. Louis County. I have notarized in clients' homes, business offices, hospitals, nursing home facilities, restaurants, parking lots of retail businesses, and other locations. If you're restricted due to mobility issues, this is a convenient service.

I specialize in notarizing loan documents (Mortgage refinance, HELOC, Purchase loan, Loan Modification, Reverse Mortgage, etc.), Power of Attorney (POA), Wills & Trusts, Car Tiles, Business documents, acknowledgments, jurats & oaths, affirmations signatures, and signature witnessing. I also provide Apostille and Authentication facilitation services for documents that need to be authenticated for use in other countries. As an optional benefit, I can emboss your documents with a gold seal (raised notary impression).

Additional non-notary services include copy certifications, printing, scanning, and copying documents. This comes in handy if you do not have a printer or scanner. As an HR Professional, I am an experienced I-9 Authorized Agent for employment verifications for individuals or companies that hire remote employees. I am an Exam Proctor and Field Inspector.

When you need a mobile Notary or non-notary services, call EVS Notary to learn more or book an appointment today.

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Jun 03
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I like the mobile notary services because it's convenient they come to where ever you want them to come.

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