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How to Prepare for a mobile Notary Appointment

You need a document notarized but you are not sure what to do once you find a mobile Notary. Here are my thoughts on how you can ensure a successful mobile Notary appointment with me.

  1. If possible, schedule a notary appointment in advance. I have an online booking system that you can use to schedule an appointment with me but a call works fine as well. Be prepared to provide some info about yourself & the document you need notarized such as your full name, the address where the signing will take place, and the name or type of document that needs to be notarized so I can give you a quote.

  2. Be sure to review your document in advance of the appointment to determine what needs to be filled out. Notaries cannot give legal advice. If you have questions about your document, you will need to check with the person that will receive the document. By the way, you can, and should fill out the necessary info on the document except sign it. Never fill in any info in the Notarial section that’s typically at the bottom or top of your document. And do not sign before your Notary appointment.

  3. After you’ve scheduled the appointment, start preparing for the notary to arrive. Determine a suitable location for the Notary to sit, and make sure it is in a well-lit area with a flat surface and enough space to conduct the signing. If you have pets, determine where you will place them so they won’t interrupt the notary appointment.

  4. Be prepared to provide ID. All signers should be present with a current & valid ID ready to inspect. This is required to confirm the identity of the signers and to prevent fraud.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your Notary appointment goes smoothly and quickly.

Ready to schedule a mobile Notary appointment, book an online appointment at Or, call EVS Notary at 314/804-0021.


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