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EVS Notary: Your Trusted EscrowTab Enabled Notary Signing Agent for Smooth Real Estate Closings

Clients, Title Companies, and Lenders

I am delighted to introduce myself as an EscrowTab enabled Notary Signing Agent, ready to enhance your real estate closings with efficiency and precision. My name is Rosalyn Smith, and I am dedicated to providing seamless and stress-free experiences for all parties involved.

What is IPEN? IPEN stands for In-Person Electronic Notarization. In the state of Missouri, Notaries are allowed to utilize IPEN for conducting eClosings. The borrower and Notary Signing Agent are in the same location and the borrower signs with their handwritten electronic signature. The Notary Signing Agent electronically notarizes the documents without any paper involved. It is a seamless and efficient way to close home loans.

Embracing EscrowTab Technology As an EscrowTab enabled Notary Signing Agent, I am equipped with the latest tools to ensure your closing process is both efficient and accurate. EscrowTab's advanced software allows me to identify required fields, verify signatures, and facilitate notarization with ease, reducing the possibility of errors and streamlining the entire process.

Benefits for Clients Clients, your satisfaction is my top priority. With EscrowTab's paperless approach, we can reduce waste and contribute to a greener environment. Additionally, the time efficiency brought by EscrowTab means your closing experience will be smooth, quick, and stress-free, allowing you to focus on the excitement of your new property. Benefits for Title Companies and Lenders Title companies and lenders, my commitment to excellence aligns seamlessly with the advantages EscrowTab offers. By choosing my services, you can expect improved accuracy, minimized delays, and seamless collaboration throughout the closing process. Together, we can elevate the level of service we provide to our clients and strengthen our partnerships.

Why Choose Me as Your Notary Signing Agent? My experience and expertise as a Notary Signing Agent, combined with the efficiency and accuracy of EscrowTab, make me your go-to Notary Signing Agent for all your closing needs. I take great pride in building strong relationships, communicating effectively, and ensuring a smooth closing process from start to finish.

I am fully equipped to deliver exceptional service for all your closing needs. I prioritize clear communication, meticulous attention to detail, and a commitment to providing a seamless closing process for everyone involved.

Get in Touch I am excited to collaborate with you and bring the benefits of IPEN to your closings. Whether you are a valued client, a title company, or a lender, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. Let's work together to achieve successful and efficient real estate transactions.

You can contact me at or 314/804-0021. Let's make your closings an experience worth celebrating!


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