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Credible Witnesses: A Beacon of Hope

As a mobile notary, I receive calls from potential clients who find themselves immobile and in need of notarial services. However, I understand that providing reliable identification may not always be possible. That's where the concept of credible witnesses comes into play.

Our preference is for clients to provide an acceptable identification document (federal, state or tribal government ID that is current, in a language understood by the Notary, and bearing a picture, signature, and physical description). However, we recognize that life's circumstances can sometimes make this a challenge. We go the extra mile to assist individuals who might struggle to renew their identification due to various circumstances.

The Role of Credible Witnesses

Credible witnesses are individuals who personally know the signer and are willing to swear or affirm their identity. Here's how this process typically works in Missouri. Please note that not all states permit this, so it's crucial for notaries to be aware of their state laws.

Step 1: The Witnesses

  • The process involves having two credible witnesses who are well-acquainted with the immobile client. These witnesses play a vital role in vouching for the signer's identity.

Step 2: Administering an Oath

  • The Notary will administer an oath or affirmation to these witnesses, emphasizing the importance of truthfulness in the process. This step ensures the integrity of the notarization.

Step 3: Detailed Documentation

  • To maintain transparency and create a clear record of the process, the credible witnesses must provide their name, address, and signature in the Notary's journal. Additionally, a description of the identification document must be noted in the journal.

Step 4: Impartiality Matters

  • A credible witness must not have a financial interest in the document being notarized and should not be named in the document.

Empowering Immobile Clients

The use of credible witnesses serves a crucial purpose - it empowers immobile clients to access notary services. Regardless of physical limitations or the absence of reliable ID, credible witnesses ensure that vital transactions are conducted with transparency and trustworthiness.

Choose EVS Notary for Your Notarial Needs

When you require notarial services, don't hesitate to reach out to EVS Notary. We're here to assist with professionalism, expertise, and a commitment to making notarization accessible to all, no matter the circumstances.


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