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Inside My Notary Bag: The Tools & Supplies for Notarial Success

As a mobile Notary Public, I am well-prepared with all the necessary tools and supplies to perform notarial acts. Being equipped with all the notary essentials helps me perform my duties efficiently and effectively.

When I arrive at an appointment, I have several essential tools and supplies such as:

  • My notary stamp as well as an embosser to imprint an official seal on documents.

  • My notary journal to record information about each notarial act.

  • Certificate Forms - When certificate wording is not preprinted on the document, or when preprinted wording is not acceptable, I can attach a certificate form of your choosing - Acknowledgments, Jurats, Copy Certifications, and Signature Witnessing.

  • State (Missouri) Notary Handbook and (Missouri) Notary Primary as resources to help decipher the many intricate laws that affect notarization, if needed.

  • Other materials such as a credit card reader, receipt book, pens (blue & black), clipboard, calculator, stapler, envelopes, etc.

In summary, as a mobile notary, I am well-prepared with all the notary essentials to perform notarial acts to make notarization process smoother and more efficient to give clients a peace of mind.

Contact EVS Notary at 314/804-0021 to book a mobile or online notary appointment at


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